The Blessing of Doing Your Taxes

That dreaded time of year is actually a reminder of gifts and abundance.

Posted in , Mar 6, 2017

The blessings of taxes

I’m going to be brutally honest—when I begin working on our taxes, I whine, cry and groan about the process. With two businesses and personal taxes, it’s a huge job with a mountain of receipts and forms to go through. I dread it with every cell in my body. And the fact that no matter how much we pay, we always owe more, doesn’t help.

But this morning as I sat down to conquer more file folders, it was as if God whispered to me, “Have you ever thought about the blessing of doing your taxes?”

God got my “Surely, you jest!” face, but then the whispers continued:

1)  The fact that you have to do taxes means that I have blessed you with income. Your family contracting business and your writing career are gifts from Me.

2)  Those heating and electric bills mean that you’ve been warm and had lights to brighten dark evenings.

3)  That pile of gas receipts that you have to go through are a reminder that you had a vehicle and the funds to pay for gasoline.


4)  The receipts for tools and equipment shows that I’ve supplied what you needed to do what I’ve called you to do.

5)  That pile of medical bill receipts is a reminder that I’ve given you good doctors and provided medicines to help with what’s wrong with you.

6)  The property tax receipts wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t blessed you with a home. 

7)  The business travel expenses that you have to log are evidence that I’ve opened up speaking engagements for you and sent you to conferences and conventions to further your writing career.

8)  The receipts for contributions means that not only have I blessed you, but I’ve given you an abundance so that you have the joy of giving to Me and helping others.

9)  The hassle of doing your taxes is a sweet reminder that I have given you a sound mind and provided an education so you can read and do math.

10) And even the tax money you’ve owed through the years can be counted as a blessing if you really stop and think about it—because you can see that I’ve provided what you’ve needed. Every time.

So this year as I work on our taxes, I’ll still probably grumble a bit and complain about having to pay more. But I’m also going to pause and thank God for the evidence of blessings in that mountain of tax papers. How about you?

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