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Posted in , Feb 2, 2017

Tips and inspiration on cooking, gardening, health and wellness.

What does a positive, healthy lifestyle look like? Does it consist of daily gourmet meals, perfectly thriving friendships and family relationships, a lush garden that produces baskets full of organic produce and cut flowers, hours at the gym and a clutter-free home that sparkles with cleanliness and magazine-worthy design?

Wow, I hope not—because if that is the standard of positivity and wellness, then I fall short every single day.

If, however, those categories—food, relationships, gardening, fitness, and home—are all integral parts of a life lived with vitality, healthful intention and a positive outlook, well, then, I’m well on my way—and so, probably, are you.

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The name of this blog—A Positive Path—was chosen very carefully. You will note that it isn’t called The Positive Path, as if there were a single, proven way to live in health and joy each day. I’ve been writing about health, wellness, and faith for 20 years—and if there’s anything I can tell you from all that experience, it’s that there is no such thing as one recipe for health and happiness.

Instead, joy is a journey, and this blog is an invitation to join me in mapping out our positive paths through life. Let’s face it—sometimes there are weeds in the garden, a missed workout (or three) and pasta and butter for dinner.

I strive to live my life in a way that acknowledges those “less than” moments, accepts them, then seeks to return to the pleasures of a pea shoot emerging from spring soil, a brisk, cheek-flushing walk with a friend or a colorful and satisfying supper. Even if you are struggling, something positive is available, and it is available today.

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With this blog, I hope we can be companions on the journey into healthy, positive living. A few words about me—I live outside of Boston with my husband and 6-year-old son. I love to read, cook, listen to music, grow things in my garden and mini orchard, and, of course, to write.

In this space, you will find my reflections on the quest for inspiration and positivism in my own life, and ideas for ways you can pursue positivity for yourself. I also want to hear from you. What habits help you live a positive, healthy life?

The Spanish poet Antonio Machado once wrote, “Travelers, there is no path. The path is made by walking.” Let’s try to walk A Positive Path together.

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