What Makes Love Work

Even when love disappoints, it’s better to remain open to its possibilities.

Posted in , Mar 20, 2019

What makes love work

When we love others and are loved in return, we feel valued, wanted and respected. These benefits not only come from a romantic relationship but any type of relationship built on a solid foundation of mutual care.  Love is indeed a feeling, but it entails action as well. When we love someone, we make time to be with them. We make sacrifices on their behalf (big or small) and so much more to show that we care. But that doesn’t mean a loving relationship cannot be shaken by adversity, setbacks and disappointments. 

Many who have been deeply hurt by someone they loved avoid putting themselves in a vulnerable situation again. Love can leave us with deep scars that take a long time to heal. But on a positive note, the benefits of love outweigh the drawbacks. Where there is love, there is also grace, forgiveness, friendship, joy, peace and happiness. 

Recently, I presided over a vow renewal ceremony for a couple celebrating their 35thwedding anniversary. Throughout the years this couple endured many challenges, including the husband’s military deployment. But through them all, they held onto their love for one another. Their love has evolved, but one thing is evident—they remain committed to each other now more than ever. 

A loving relationship requires effort from both parties. It means keeping no record of wrongs and learning to forgive. Yes, some marriages and relationships do not make it. However, we should not avoid opening our hearts to others. We learn from past hurts and grow because of them. In return, we learn to love ourselves and others.

Lord, teach us to love and be loved.

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