Why Kindness Always Wins

When we live with a humble spirit, it reflects the likeness of Jesus in our lives.

Posted in , Jun 14, 2017

Lead with kindness

Whatever happened to humility? It seems as if it were something of the past. We often praise individuals who boast their personal success. But if given the choice, most of us would prefer to be in the presence of a person with a humble spirit. Too often humility is viewed as devaluing one’s self, but that is not the case. C.S. Lewis said it best, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”  

The following is a true story of an encounter between Abraham Lincoln and one of his army officers. During the Civil War, President Lincoln was visited by Col. Charles Scott, a commander of the troops guarding the Capitol. Col. Scott’s wife had drowned in a steamship collision. He appealed to the regimental command to leave and bury his wife and comfort his kids. This request was denied. Scott then decided to visit Lincoln to appeal his case. He was the last person to meet with him that day. Scott recalled the president getting upset as he listened to him due to the constant demands for his time and because his request needed to be addressed elsewhere.

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Lincoln asked Col. Scott if he had gone to the War Office where they were in charge of these matters. Scott said that he did but was refused. The President replied that in a time of war, everyone had burdens to bear. He suggested that Scott go back and if they didn’t help him, he needed to bear his burden until the war was over. Scott returned to his barrack saddened. Early the next morning there was a knock on Scott’s door. It was the president. He told Scott, “…I had no right to treat a man with rudeness who has offered his life to his country, much more a man in great affliction. I have had a regretful night and now come to beg your forgiveness.” President Lincoln arranged for Scott to go to his wife’s funeral.

Lincoln didn’t let his pride, position or power get in the way. Humility leads to respect. We should always express our love, be kind and seek forgiveness when we are wrong. When we lead and live with humility, it reflects the likeness of Jesus in our lives. What do you think of President Lincoln’s action? Please share with us.

Lord, help me to live with a humble heart and mind. 

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