Why You Should Never Give Up on Doing Good

Doing a good deed may not change the world, but it can change you.

Posted in , Oct 16, 2019

Helping pick up trash in a park

Most people want to do good in the world, whether it’s helping an elderly neighbor get the mail, volunteering at a soup kitchen for the homeless or raising money for an organization.

These are all great ways to give back, but sometimes we have a tendency to let busy lives and negative thoughts discourage us from doing good.

Maybe you think:

—My good deeds are not enough.

—The world will always be full of problems.

—People make it hard for me to do good.

—People deserve what they get. Why go out of my way to help?

—Why work so hard to do good if others don’t?

When we are challenged by these negative thoughts, remember what the prophet Isaiah said, “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.”

Even when we don’t feel like going the extra mile for someone else, we can ask God to help us overcome thoughts that hold us back.  

We must lift up the banner of righteousness and justice in a broken and hurting world. We must stand up for those who are in need. When we give back to the world, we not only help others—we also feel good about ourselves.

Yes, there are days we want to give up on doing what is right and good. When these thought interfere, let us be encouraged by the words of Mother Teresa, “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow…Do good anyway.” Because as she notes, “…in the end, it’s between you and God.” 

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