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Why you should ask for help and follow instructions

The Beauty of Asking for Help

Unless you pay attention to God's guidance, you can get really lost.

labor day

5 Things to Remember This Labor Day

Do you work like you're grateful for your job?

Milton Caniff, with two of his most famous creations, Steve Canyon (left) and Terry

Guideposts Classics: Milton Caniff on the Meaning of Success

In this story from June 1963, the man behind such classic comic strips as Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon pays homage to the man who was his mentor.

Sarcasm is not great for friendship.  Photo from 123RF(r).

Teens and Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a great way to drive away friends. Here's how to avoid it.

And away we go! Peggy's three dogs on a walk.

All Tangled Up

Walking three dogs and managing three leashes opens up a chance to trust God.


Peggy's pillow cases tell the story.

Enter into God’s Rest

Sometimes, all we need is a little rest, but everything seems to conspire against it.

little boy in front of school buses

The Boy I Could Never Forget

In all my years of driving a school bus, one kid stood out—Charlie with his big gray eyes.  

Michelle Mahnke poses with a platter of her Christmas Cut-Out Cookies.

A Very Vegas Christmas

She was 22 and far from home. How would the holiday spirit ever find her there?

An artist's rendering of a family gathered at a candlelight service

A Glowing Reunion

The four of them looked like a complete family. Was there was a place for her anymore?

Colleagues enjoy a communal lunch.

Lunch Bunch

These coworkers became more like family by cooking for each other once a week.