All Tangled Up

Walking three dogs and managing three leashes opens up a chance to trust God.


Posted in , Jan 8, 2016

All Tangled Up

You think walking three dogs together is easy? Not for me!

Recently, I’ve been babysitting my granddog, a golden retriever puppy named Zeke. And when I say puppy, I mean a 65-pound, playful, rollicking, never-mind-who’s-in-the-way bulldozer. With my own two dogs and a small house, getting everyone outside and getting some exercise is crucial.

So I snap on three leashes and we all tromp down the front steps onto the sidewalk. The older dogs know not to pull, but Zeke is a puppy in training and the excitement of the great outdoors gets the best of him. He takes off like a rocket, and I half run/half fall along behind.

The three dogs have different styles of walking. Zeke runs, bounding here and there, ears flying. Kelly sniffs, nose to the ground, at a brisk and steady clip. Ike plods along slowly. Unless he sees a cat. Then all bets are off.

And I get tangled up in the mess.

Walking the dogs is good exercise (if I don’t end up with a broken leg!) and it’s also is a great time to think.

Life gives us plenty of opportunities to get tangled up. Our days can be messy and confusing. When I’m faced with a decision, I stumble. Given a new opportunity, I may fall on my face.

Juggling work, family and personal obligations leaves me wrapped up in a tight, complicated web. But there’s always someplace to turn. “God, direct my steps today,” I pray as I walk, very carefully, holding the three leashes.  

I’m not sure what lies ahead for me this day. But I know God has me covered. I continue walking, and this time when Zeke goes right, Kelly goes left, and Ike keeps going straight ahead, I perform a graceful pirouette and unwrap myself from the leashes.

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