Facing Challenges at Work

Why you should stay focused and faithful even during uncertain times on the job.

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Facing Challenges at Work

Years ago, I flew 3,000 miles across the country to take a new job at a non-profit organization. This was a very promising transition, or so I thought. Prior to the move, the founder of the organization promised to eventually promote me to a senior leadership role, but in the end I wound up deeply disappointed. Three months into the new job, they hired someone else to fill that position.

This broken promise left me hurt, angry and baffled by the decision made. How could this happen to me? The promise of being on the senior leadership team was a huge factor in my decision to accept the job offer. As a result, I moved my family across the country and couldn’t easily move back. This was a difficult time for me. While my head sought answers and my heart battled emotions, my wife, Elba, gave me the best advice.  She said, “Stay focused…stay faithful.” This meant keep your eyes on God and the job at hand and stay faithful to the mission. It wasn’t easy, but these words guided my attitude and actions during that time and every challenge I have faced since. I remained focused and faithful until a wonderful opportunity opened at another organization.

When facing a conflict or an unexpected turn of events at work, it can seem much easier to slack off, get angry, blame others or do foolish things, but these responses can be costly and self-destructive. Fighting the bad with bad doesn’t add up to good. Besides, we don’t know the plans God has for us and how they will unfold. Good can come from bad with the help of God. Spiritual and personal lessons are weaved into hardship. The lessons I gained during that time have helped me to navigate through life’s ups and downs.

What was the best advice you received during a hard time at work? Please share with us, you never know, your feedback may be a blessing to others.

Lord, when work issues arise, give us wisdom and help us to keep our faith in You. 

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