How to Pray for Your Job Search

Get God involved as you network, send out resumes and go on interviews.

Posted in , Feb 26, 2020

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Finding work can be very stressful. Tracking down leads, emailing or uploading resumes, preparing for and going to interviews and just networking in general can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged when the going is slow

I remember a particularly difficult job search years ago when my daughter was three years old and we were expecting our second child. I was out of work, and we were living with my parents. This was before the Internet and emails. I was mailing out cover letters and resumes but not getting any responses. The weeks turned into months. 

One afternoon I was walking home, thinking about my unemployment and lack of any sign of things turning around. I was feeling sorry for myself and having a hard time staying positive. Prayer helped me snap out of it and regain my composure. 

Feeling sorry for myself wasn’t going to get me a new job. I needed to remain hopeful, trust in God and believe that I would land something. On the city street that day, I asked God to help. It was a short prayer but came from a deep place. I didn’t get a job the next day or the day after that. But I kept praying, mailing out my resume and praying some more.


I prayed for God’s favor when someone would read my resume. I prayed that something about me, my work experience and skills would get the attention of the person reading my resume. I asked God to help me not lose faith in His presence and promises and to believe that something would come my way

After several months, I had one possibility, but it fell through. I was disappointed but kept going. Then I got a call from a non-profit that was looking for a community liaison for a new housing development. It was a long shot, but they called me. I prayed for my interview to go well. It did, but there were still others competing for the position. I kept praying. Several days later I was contacted and got the job. It turned out to be an awesome job with an amazing boss. 

Although this chapter in my life was challenging, it taught me the importance of integrating prayer with the task of working hard for an outcome. Since then, prayer has carried me through every job search.

Today, whenever I hear about someone looking for work, I recommend networking, posting a resume on job websites, talking to friends—but always praying!

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