Work Life

Paula's cross of woven palm fronds, on a background of purple velvet

An Unexpectedly Joyful Holiday

She thought she was stuck at her job on Easter, but she really was blessed.

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Bobby Simma sits at a piano with several copies of sheet music

The Keys to Success

He had a knack for knowing a good instrument when he saw one.

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Rebecca Krusee

What Prayer Can Do: Workplace Battles

A high-tech worker is reminded that her demanding new boss doesn't have the power—God does.

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labor day

5 Things to Remember This Labor Day

Do you work like you're grateful for your job?

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Jo Ann Fore (right) and her friend Karen

With Secrets Revealed, the Healing Begins

A battered wife, inspired by a co-worker's concern and prayers, begins to put her life in order.

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Build Strong Relationships

Build Strong Relationships

Author Jon Gordon says the key to success is building strong relationships.

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A portrait of Jayne Bowers leaning against the Social Sciences department office.

Is it I, Lord?

A frustrated professor struggles to find success communicating with a difficult colleague.

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Photo by iStock

5 Tips to Make Holiday Socializing Go Smoothly

Shy? Here's how to schmooze your way through this season of parties.

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Happiness at Work According to Zappos

We struggle to find communities that likewise support a passion for faith, ones that do it effectively and with a lot of energy and passion.

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Peer Pressure

Find out how you can watch out for these different types of adult peer pressure.

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Christmas Wrapping Paper

Santa's Helper

The holidays were just too much work for one person alone.

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An artist's rendering of Native-American angels speaking to young Kenneth

Four Winds

I spent the summer living like a Lakota Sioux Indian.

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