Positive Living

Positive living is a skill that anyone can learn at any time. Putting your emotional health first is the first step in cultivating an open, upbeat outlook toward every new day. Try to let positive living tips shape your attitude, and watch the world become a more beautiful place, day by day.

Positive outlook

Optimism 101: Imagine a Positive Future

New research suggests imagining the future in a positive way is a key to cultivating an optimistic outlook.

Jen, with her kids Ben and Remy, notes when family members do something nice for each other

Jen Hatmaker's Advice for Positive Parenting

The bestselling author and blogger shares some of her secrets for raising your children in a positive and encouraging environment.

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When it pays to wait.

When It Pays to Wait

For someone who gets fidgety at a traffic stop, learning patience brings gifts of grace.

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Nicki Cooper smiles at her twin sons

After Divorce, Could She Find Forgiveness?

They were parents of twin sons, but she and her ex-husband couldn't find common ground. How could she change her feelings?

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This CEO Had the Perfect Response to an Employee's Mental Health Day

This CEO Had the Perfect Response to an Employee's Mental Health Day

When this employee emailed about taking time off for her mental health, her boss had the best reply. 

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Farmer's market

5 Ways to Have a Positive Experience at the Farmer’s Market

A weekly trip to the farmer’s market is an opportunity to connect to the people and products that make your community a positive place to live.

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'The Star Thrower' and the Difference You Can Make

The famous story of the boy who saved starfish is an inspiring summer reflection on how even if we can’t do it all, we can do a whole lot of good in the world.

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Smell the flowers for a positive experience.

Take a ‘Flower Walk’ for a Breath of Fresh Air

Even if all you see are dandelions and clover, noticing the colorful, growing things around you can refresh your whole outlook.

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Louie Giglio Gets Real about Battling Depression and Anxiety

Louie Giglio Gets Real about Battling Depression and Anxiety

The Passion City Church pastor's latest book is all about fighting the giants in your own life. 

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Summer rain

4 Positive Sides of a Rainy Summer Day

A rainy day might mean a change of summer plans, but it has a lot of gifts to offer as well.

Enjoy the gifts of summer

What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

Summer is God’s gift to us; let’s go outside with friends and family and enjoy it!

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Celebrate the sparkle of your life this 4th of July

Celebrate the Sparkle in Your Life This 4th of July

Fireworks against a night sky are beautiful reminders of the sparks that illuminate what matters in your life.

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John and his wife, Trish, are closer than ever today

Talking About His Depression Helped His Family and Others

He tried to end his life because depression left him feeling he had nothing to live for. Having miraculously survived, he soon found out just how wrong he had been.

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Summer reading, The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama

Positive Summer Reading: 'The Book of Joy'

Let a conversation between two renowned faith leaders inspire your quest for lasting happiness.

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