Positive Living

Positive living is a skill that anyone can learn at any time. Putting your emotional health first is the first step in cultivating an open, upbeat outlook toward every new day. Try to let positive living tips shape your attitude, and watch the world become a more beautiful place, day by day.

3 Recipes: Peas and Mint

These green springtime beauties are perfect partners on the plate.

Cherry blossoms in spring

Why Spring Is the Most Positive Season

We can all embrace the exuberance of the world waking up to hope.

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Seniors sitting at a coffee table

This Alzheimer's Memory Cafe Is Giving Caregivers a Break

Amy's Place is the first free-standing Memory Cafe in the U.S. and its goal is simple: to give caregivers a little TLC. 

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Clothed in Compassion

Imagine how different our world might be if we got up each morning and wrapped ourselves in kindness before we left home. 

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Knitting project

It’s Never Too Late to Finish What You’ve Started

A creative project is always worth coming back to, regardless of how it comes out.

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Truth Potato

Looking for Authentic Positivity? Meet ‘Truth Potato’

The Instagram-based comic is fun, silly—and a beautiful example of how positive living is only helpful if it’s real.

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In our imperfection, grace abounds.

In Our Imperfection, Grace Abounds

Through our vulnerabilities and shortcomings, God can make us instruments of peace, love, justice and kindness.

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Applauding a sunset

The Positive Power of Celebrating the Sunset

This simple gesture helps us celebrate the uniqueness of each day.

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The Power and Wisdom of ‘Mrs. Who’

Picking up A Wrinkle in Time a few decades after my first reading, it was this mysterious character who stood out to me most.

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Positive attitude

Can Positive Thinking Keep Your Heart Healthy?

New research suggests there is a connection between optimism and recovery from certain heart conditions.

Dealing with negativity in a productive way

How to Respond to Bad Behavior

It can be tricky, but we can respond with grace to a negative event or attitude.

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Hugs are the perfect gift.

4 Reasons Why Hugs Are the Perfect Gift

There’s a deep need in all of us to feel loved—and human touch is part of that.

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Be as Positive as a Pea

These harbingers of spring aren’t afraid to reach for the sunlight.

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Painting can ease stress

Creativity Goes a Long Way to Lower Stress

Research shows that just 45 minutes of creative work lowers cortisol, an insidious stress hormone.

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