Positive Living

Positive living is a skill that anyone can learn at any time. Putting your emotional health first is the first step in cultivating an open, upbeat outlook toward every new day. Try to let positive living tips shape your attitude, and watch the world become a more beautiful place, day by day.

Hearth haiku

Hearth Haiku to Warm Up Your Cold Days

Haiku is a simple poetic form that’s easy, fun, and meaningful for everyone.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Impact of Inspired Leadership

Making lasting change in the world means staying true to deeply-held principles.

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Priorities—Not Resolutions—for the New Year

An intention and awareness of oneself and others can replace a traditional resolution

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3 ways to overcome obstacles for your New Year's resolutions

3 Ways to Notice—and Overcome—Obstacles in Your Life

Don’t get discouraged in your resolution progress.

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New Year's resolutions

Should You Phrase Resolutions in the Form of a Question?

Asking “Can I?” and “Should I?” brings an attitude of open curiosity to your New Year’s pledges.

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vision board

How Vision Boards Help You Live a More Purposeful Life

Here are 3 ways vision boards help you tap into your God-given purpose.

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Simmering spices on stove

3 Stovetop Simmers to Fill Your Home with Warmth

A softly bubbling pot of richly scented herbs and spices soothes your senses and revitalizes your spirit.

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Make 2018 Your Most Positive Year Yet

Make 2018 Your Most Positive Year Yet

These 4 strategies can set you on a positive path for the new year.

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Banish winter gloom

5 Ways to Banish Winter Gloom

In the middle of all the snow and slush and mud, there are signs of hope. Here’s how to see them.

The gift of a new year

The Gift of Another Year

All life’s experiences, good and bad, bring us to a place of wisdom with God’s help.

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Healthy New Year

Stock Your Fridge for a Healthy New Year

What do you see when you open your refrigerator? Let it reflect your healthy goals for 2018.

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7 Bible verses for the New Year

7 Bible Verses for the New Year

Here's help in keeping a positive, faith-filled mindset for the year ahead.

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Relaxing at Christmas

5 Self-Care Tips for a Positive Christmas

As Christmas draws near, it’s more important than ever to nurture your positive spirit with these techniques.

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