Positive Living

Positive living is a skill that anyone can learn at any time. Putting your emotional health first is the first step in cultivating an open, upbeat outlook toward every new day. Try to let positive living tips shape your attitude, and watch the world become a more beautiful place, day by day.

Lifestyle expert Katie Brown

Katie Brown's DIY Autumn Décor

The lifestyle expert shows you how to create a lovely wreath for your front door this autumn!


A Note of Hope from the Garden: One Plant, Many Blooms

Nourish, feed and care for yourself, and you will blossom too.

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An illustration by Aura Lewis of a woman watering her flowers

How She Learned to Stop People Pleasing

Set boundaries and say no to others without feeling guilty.

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Looking at art

Why Visiting an Art Museum Is Good for Your Mental Health

New research shows a reduction in stress hormones after just 30 minutes in a museum.

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Dr. Willie Jolley; photo courtesy Willie Jolley

Positive Thinker: Dr. Willie Jolley, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, Author

The acclaimed inspirational speaker reveals his heroes, his favorite foods, and how riding his bike improves his spiritual well-being.

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Postive thinker

Changing Your Worldview Can Change Your Life

New research shows a connection between the basic feelings you have about the world and your character traits.

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Clearing your tech clutter

Clear Your Tech Clutter—and Your Credit Card Bill—by Doing a Subscriptions Inventory

Follow these easy steps to make sure those streaming services and publications you pay for monthly still bring joy, information and help.

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The joy of a summer skort

The Simple Summer Joy of a ‘Skort’

Skirt meets shorts! This seasonal item lets you look great while having fun, without busting your budget. 

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Feeling okay today

3 Simple Words to Brighten Your Day

A small, sweet rhyme helps me find my feet on days when the stress starts to swirl.

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Meeting neighbors

Positive Living—Finding Happiness in Your Community

New research connects diverse neighborhoods with feelings of satisfaction at home.

Moving on the garden

A Delightful Moment in the Garden—When to Move On

Clearing away what’s no longer vibrant to make way for new life in seasons to come

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Finding joy at work

How to Spark Some Joy at Work

A workday inevitably brings challenges, especially in these times. Try these tips to reignite your passion and purpose.

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Succulent plants

4 Things Succulent Plants Can Teach You About Life

Caring for these beautifully mysterious plants invites us to tune in to our own strength and power.

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Curly hair

How to Love Your Curly Hair—Even in Summer

Humidity, chlorine and salt—don’t let these aspects of summer fun defeat your love for your curly hair.

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When something bad happens

How to Cope When a ‘What If…’ Actually Happens

Keep your emotional toolbox handy to keep yourself calm and clear when the unexpected comes to pass.

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2 Words to Avoid When Seeking Happiness

How to lean into joy that’s authentic, self-supporting and real.

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