Positive Living

Positive living is a skill that anyone can learn at any time. Putting your emotional health first is the first step in cultivating an open, upbeat outlook toward every new day. Try to let positive living tips shape your attitude, and watch the world become a more beautiful place, day by day.

The Key to Finding Happiness at Work

The Key to Finding Happiness at Work

Jon Gordon says it's an "inside job."

Getting your heart ready for God

Getting Your Heart Ready for God

Just like preparing your home for guests, your spiritual house should be ready for Divine company.

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Doodling can unleash your creativity.

What Can Doodling Do for You?

I’m no artist, but an art class turned out to be the inspiration I needed to stretch out of my comfort zone.

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3 ways to relieve stress.

3 Ways to Do Your Best Despite Stress

Successful stress management requires some detective work—and a commitment to positivity.

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Cats love people!

Does My Cat Like Me?

A new study dispels the myth that cats are unfriendly, writes Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman.

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Woman checking off To Do List

5 Ways to Shorten Your To-Do List

Here's how to easily cross out some of the stress in your life. 

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How to help your kid start his day off on a positive note.

6 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

A positive day begins with a self-affirming ritual. Here are some suggestions.

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How to find true freedom and happiness.

How to Be Truly Free and Happy

In order to grow, we must be willing to give up the things that hold us back.

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Embracing boredom

Is There a Positive Side to Boredom?

Learning to tolerate a little bit of boredom opens our lives to creative and emotional expansion.

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Cheap ways to practice self-care

3 Free and Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

A positive lifestyle includes practices that nurture and love the self, no expensive appointments required. 

Red, yellow, and purple blooming tulips

Inspirational Quotes About Anxiety

Feeling anxious? It's hard to avoid worrying with overwhelming anxiety. Peace and tranquility is essential in overcoming this and we have just the helpful remedy. 

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How colors affect your emotions.

The Emotional Impact of Color

Becoming aware of how colors affect your emotions can help you live a more positive life.

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Pruning fruit trees

The Spring-Cleaning Job I Look Forward to Most

“Remove to renew” is a guiding principle in my tiny fruit orchard as well as in my life.

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How to feel thankful during difficult times.

5 Reasons to Thank God for Difficult Days

None of our life experiences goes to waste. God can use all of them if we’ll let Him.

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