10 Cheerful Ways to Decorate Summer Flower Pots

Give your potted plants a colorful home with these creative tips.

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Growing plants in pots is a great pleasure. Indoors, potted plants bring a breath of fresh air to your inside spaces. On porches, decks or patios, plants make your outdoors feel like an extension of your home. 

The options for which plants to pot are virtually limitless, from trailing vines to thrilling grasses and tall flowers. But this summer, why not turn your attention to the pots themselves as a way of making your beauties even more seasonally joyful?

Here is a cheerful list of easy ways to give your potted plants a home worthy of the exuberantly sunny season in which they thrive:

1)  Use hot glue to cover pots in colorful, patterned fabric.

2)  Paint the rim of a pot in a bright color, leaving the rest terra cotta or painted in a contrasting color.

3)  Paint the pots and stencil a positive word like “love,” “peace,” “hello” or “grow” across the front.

4)  Loop garden or package twine around the  center of the pot and tie in a festive bow.

5)  Turn one pot upside down and place a contrasting pot on top, creating a pleasing shape.

6)  Use hot glue to attach a natural element like seashells, strips of bark, pebbles or straight sticks around the pot.

7)  Paint the pot in a light color and paint a smiling face onto the center.

8)  Paint the pot with chalkboard paint you can label with the name of a plant, your name or a positive wish.

9)  Paint the pot white and embellish with brightly colored stripes or polka dots.

10) Turn the pot upside down on a newspaper-covered surface and pool a color of paint on the bottom, gently smoothing it until it drips over the edge. Invert the pot when dry for a fun reverse drip pattern.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to giving your potted plants a bright, cheerful look. What are you planning to try this summer?

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