12 Favorite Things about Spring

12 Favorite Things about Spring

Summer receives most of the hype, but we suspect that spring just might be the most popular of seasons: Mild temperatures, birds singing in the trees, flowers blooming and a sense of rebirth form a rising tide that lifts all moods. Here are some of our favorites among spring's simple pleasures; share your favorites with us in the comments below.

  • Guideposts: Tiny green leaves on the branch of a tree

    Tiny Leaves on the Trees

    Few sights inspire a more hopeful feeling than the first appearance of tiny green leaves on tree branches. It means winter is finally behind us and Mother Nature is on the verge of putting on a show.

  • Guideposts: A smiling young woman with a brightly colored umbrella walks in the rain

    April Showers

    There are few things more cheering than strolling in a warm spring rain, not to mention the added benefit we know those showers bring...

  • Guideposts: A field of daffodils

    May Flowers

    Even if you're not a fan of walking in the rain, you surely appreciate the beauty those April showers bring: vividly colored blossoms that brighten spring days.

  • Guideposts: A young boy stands in a field, his hands tightly clasped on the string of a kite that floats above him

    Flying a Kite

    Whether you're teaching a youngster how to send a kite aloft or enjoying a solo flight, there's something about a kite high in the air that brings out the kid in each of us.

  • Guideposts: a vase of wild flowers surrounded by brightly colored Easter eggs

    Easter Eggs

    Easter is the most celebratory of spring occasions, and the brightly colored eggs that we associate with that day bring a special kind of joy.

  • Guideposts: Freshly picked asparagus and artichokes

    Spring Vegetables

    The A's have it each spring, as epicures avidly look forward to the delights of artichokes and asparagus.

  • Guideposts: A woman's hand, wearing rubber gloves and clasping a broom

    Spring Cleaning

    Many folks find pleasure in a thorough housecleaning, but even those of us who undertake such tasks grudgingly experience a great sense of satisfaction when our home is finally spic and span.

  • Guideposts: Two boys sporting baseball uniforms and oversized baseball gloves

    Spring Baseball

    From the optimism of spring training to the pageantry of Opening Day and the pleasures of a game of catch in the backyard, our national pastime is as inextricably associated with spring as with the summer months that follow.

  • Guideposts: a gloved hand uses a small spade to dig in a flower garden


    This most contemplative of hobbies rewards its practitioners with a sense of calm, an appreciation of new beginnings, and, eventually, beautiful blossoms and tasty and nutritious vegetables.

  • Guideposts: A young mother, father and child ride their bikes along a country lane

    Bike Rides

    Dedicated and stalwart cyclists might not let the winter winds and the snow they bring keep them from hitting the road, but for most of us, spring is when we again mount our bikes and go for a leisurely ride.

  • Guideposts: A outside shot of an open window drenched in sunshine

    Open Windows

    This is perhaps the simplest of spring pleasures, requiring only that one unlatch the windows, but there are few delights more pleasurable than fresh air wafting into a space where it's long been in short supply.

  • Guideposts: A Great Tit chirps as it perches upon a tree branch.

    The Return of Songbirds

    And, perhaps best of all, opening wide those windows also allows in the cheering sounds of songbirds in the trees.


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