3 Easy Dinners That Make Great Leftover Lunches

Get two nourishing meals for the price—and energy—of one.

Posted in , Feb 28, 2020

Hearty, healthy bean soup

“What’s for dinner?” might be one of the most vexing questions of everyday life, but “What’s for lunch?” should rank just as high. It can feel nearly impossible have a mid-day meal that’s healthy, filling and delicious without spending hours in the kitchen. \

The solution? Transform dinner into lunch! Here are some easy, satisfying dinner ideas that are as simple to transform into a next-day lunch as they are delicious to munch at mid-day.

1) Bean Soup
A hearty bean soup is a fabulous dinner paired with a hunk of crusty bread and a fresh, crisp salad. In a thermos or warmed up in the microwave, that same protein-rich, flavorful soup stands proudly on its own as a delicious and filling lunch.

2) Grain Bowls
Whether served hot or at room temperature, grain bowls are a quick and versatile dinner choice, not to mention a delicious way to enjoy a number of seasonal flavors. As a bonus, rice, lentil, bulgur and other grain-based dishes are also very tasty cold as a next-day lunch. 

3) Pasta
Really, when is pasta not the answer for an easy, tasty meal? From rich lasagna or baked ziti to a freshly tossed pasta salad with roasted or grilled vegetables, pasta is a blank canvas on which all of your culinary dreams can spring to life. And it should go without saying that hot, warm or cold, pasta is a satisfying and tasty lunch you can enjoy with ease and delicious anticipation.

What are your favorite ways to make two meals at once?

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