3 Fun, Easy Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for Spring

A little color brings a fresh new look to your home.

Posted in , Mar 23, 2021

Spring wreath

“Blossom by blossom, the spring begins,” wrote the English poet Algernon Charles Swinburne.

The quote has special resonance this year, as we emerge from our winter hibernation to a world that is taking steps toward the end of the coronavirus pandemic. What better metaphor for gratitude, the promise of vaccines and hope for a positive future than a doorway adorned with welcoming, cheerful spring decorations?

So while you wait for spring to unfold, blossom by blossom, try one of these colorful, easy ways to get your door dressed up for the season.

1)  Umbrella Hanger
If you have a tall, handled umbrella, your door decor can start simply by hanging it on a hook. Unsnap the closure strap on the umbrella and loosely tie a ribbon around it to keep it from flopping too widely open. Use the open center of the umbrella as a vessel to place silk flowers into a cheerful arrangement to remind you that after spring showers come spring flowers.

2)  Wreaths 101
Wreaths are mainstays of door decoration, and the joy of working with wreaths is that they are adaptable to every season of the year. Purchase an inexpensive wreath from any shop that carries craft supplies, and let your imagination take you from there. An easy technique is to wrap wide ribbons in a pattern of spring colors around the form to create a colorful wheel. A hot glue gun is a handy tool to use to attach silk flowers, colorful pompoms or natural elements like pine cones to the wreath. Less is sometimes more—a wreath form made from wooden sticks might only need a cluster of bright flowers on the lower right or left edge, anchored with a large ribbon bow or trailing vine.

3) Vertical—A Different Shape
If you’re wreathed-out, try a different shape for your spring door. A long, wide sturdy ribbon can hold cheerful, colorful letters spelling out “Spring,” “Sunshine” or another seasonally meaningful word. You can also hang a simple vertical swag of fabric triangles connected by a colorful ribbon to greet your neighbors with a fresh, welcoming spring look. 

How do you decorate your front door to celebrate spring?

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