4 Fun and Easy Crafts to Make with Leaves

Embrace the subtle hues of the season with these simple, satisfying projects.

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Crafting with fall leaves

“Autumn is a second spring,” wrote the author Albert Camus, “when every leaf is a flower.”

As the air turns chilly and crisp, we are drawn simultaneously outdoors, to marvel at the changing season unfolding before our eyes, and indoors, to cozy up with warm cider and perhaps the first fire of the season.

Why not combine the two by working on nature-based crafts while sipping from your warm mug? Here are four fun and easy ways to incorporate autumn leaves, in all their “flowering” glory, into handmade crafts.

1) Leafy Wreaths

Perhaps the easiest fall craft to make with leaves is a wreath. A foam or pressboard wreath form is very inexpensive, or better yet, a cardboard form can be thrown away along with the leaves, at the end of the season. Some fresh, bright leaves, a little hot glue and a few minutes will get your home or mantle ready to embrace the fall.

2) Pressed Leaf Art

Pressing leaves is a time-tested way to preserve autumn leaves at their most vibrant. Follow a tutorial like this one to press and dry your leaves. From there, the crafting options are limitless! Glue pressed leaves onto card stock and frame, or glue them onto folded paper to make a cheerful seasonal banner.

3) Leafy Mason Jars

A Mason jar, a bottle of Modge-Podge or other clear-drying, sealing glue and a sponge are all you need to make beautiful leaf-lined jars that are stunning votive candle holders or autumn vases. Be sure your jar is clean and dry, and that your leaves are either freshly fallen or gently moistened so they will bend to the right shape. Brush the outside of the jar with glue, attach your leaves and coat with more glue.

4) Leaf-Printed Table Linens

Freshly fallen leaves are beautifully shaped and, with their veins still plump, ready to use to make prints on paper, pillowcases or table linens. Use some acrylic paint to coat the back of a leaf, then press it onto the fabric or paper of your choice, being sure to cover the leaf with waxed paper as you press so it doesn’t slip or smudge. 

However you choose to savor Autumn leaves, take a minute of gratitude for the blessing of fall. 

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