5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Fit

Daily application of effort applies to an exercise program. Same goes for a spiritual one.

Posted in , Jul 14, 2015

Staying spiritually fit requires the same kind of dedication as being physically fit.

The same traits you need to become physically fit also apply to being spiritually fit. Michelle Cox explores five of them:

“I’d maybe join you if you ever looked like you enjoyed it.” Our neighbor laughingly made that comment to my husband, Paul, as he jogged by Shannon’s house. Paul usually ran into him near the end of his 3-4 mile run, after he’d climbed the steep hill by Shannon’s house. I doubt many people would be running with joy at that point on the trail.

Paul loved exercising and was sad when knee surgery put an end to his days of jogging down our country roads. Like Shannon, I never joined Paul on his run—partly because he did it early in the morning, and I am so not a morning person, and partly because I had claimed that verse in 1 Timothy 4:8 as my life verse. You know, the one that says, “Bodily exercise profits little.”

I suspect I took it a little out of context, but it always sounded good when I said it. But then I started having some health problems, with my blood pressure and blood sugar inching up to a place where my doctor wasn’t happy with me.

So I started walking each day, building up my time and distance. It was a new habit that’s lasted more than four years now. I never got to the point that I was excited about doing it, but I did love it when I began seeing good results from my lab work and when I started feeling better and had more energy. And, miracle of miracles, I even lost some weight! Those days or consistent exercise paid off.

Being physically fit is important for all of us, but it’s even more important for us to be spiritually fit. Here are a few traits that will help you become spiritually strong:

1)  Be consistent.
Determine to be faithful. Daily consistency is key. Time spent in prayer and reading the Bible will make you stronger as you run the race of life.

2)  Do it anyway.
There will be days when you won’t feel like it—but do it anyway.

3)  Find a mentor.
Find someone who will mentor and encourage you—someone you can have deep conversations with about God and faith.

4)  Find positive thinkers.
Surround yourself with like-minded people. They will inspire you to keep going—and they won’t discourage you from following Him.

5)  Inspire others.
Be an inspiration for others. Let them see the joy of Jesus in you . . . even during difficult times.

I think Paul sums it up best in 2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


Just like our neighbor watched Paul on his daily run, other folks are watching to see how we run the race for God. I sure hope they’ll see us running with joy!

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