6 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

A positive day begins with a self-affirming ritual. Here are some suggestions.

Posted in , Apr 7, 2017

How to help your kid start his day off on a positive note.

My son Ben started kindergarten this year. Navigating a big class of new friends in a large, strange building was tough for him at first. One morning, as he reluctantly trudged down our driveway, I leaned over and plucked a stick off the ground. “You know,” I told him, “this is a magic stick—and I know how to use it!”

He looked at me a bit warily as I circled the stick over his head and chanted, “Abracadabra, abraca-zool, Ben will have a wonderful day at school!” To my delighted surprise, he perked right up, exclaiming, “That worked for real, Mommy!” Seven months into the year, I still pick up the stick from its perch by the door to set a positive, encouraging tone for Ben’s day.

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We all know there's no "magic" involved, but starting the day with a positive approach can really make a difference. Why shouldn’t grown-ups use encouraging words to start our own days on an upbeat, affirming note? Noticing the many parents who whisper into their kids’ ears before drop-off, I asked my friends and family about their morning mantras. Here are three I felt could be uplifting to adults as well as kids:

1.  “Be good, be kind, be happy.”

2.  “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

3.  “I’m proud of you all of the time.”

Here are 3 more ideas for making the morning walk out your front door the first steps into a positive day:

4.  Choose a word of the day, like “joy,” “calm,” or “energy,” and focus on it for three consecutive breaths in and out.

5.  Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror while you’re getting dressed, and say, “I am enough.”

6.  Keep a morning gratitude journal where you jot down one thing you’re thankful for each morning. You can keep it on your night table or by the door—anywhere it’s accessible and consistent.

Might one of these help bring a more positive outlook to your morning? How do you start your day?

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