6 Ways to Wait on God While Waiting in Line

Not a minute of our time is wasted when we're connecting with the Lord.

Posted in , Dec 16, 2015

How to wait on God while waiting in line.

Go to any store in the weeks before Christmas, and it’s easy to tell that waiting isn’t a popular concept. I was in line to pay for something yesterday and decided that nowadays waiting is all about us: our time, our convenience, our desire to be doing something else.

Scripture gives us a different view, of course. The Israelites who waited for deliverance from slavery and the generations who waited for the Messiah had a different kind of patience. Perhaps one way to alleviate our irritation when we have to wait is to shift our perspective outward, away from ourselves.

For example:

1)  Pray blessings upon each person ahead of you in line. Then pray for the folks behind you.

2)  Give thanks for the existence of whatever it is you’re buying–and that you have the means to pay for it–item by item.

3)  Give thanks for each person you’re shopping for. Think of something you can tell each one (or better yet, write a note he or she can keep!) about how they’ve been a gift in your life.

4)  Think of three items on your to-do list that you can jettison to have more quiet time with God. Or use your waiting-in-line time to talk to Him.

5)  Pray the Lord’s Prayer on behalf of each person you dislike, by name.

6)  Repeat, “Jesus, I love you; teach me to love you more” until you get to the register. 

The truth is, not a minute of our time is wasted when we’re connecting with God. We can use our line-time fruitfully whenever we’re waiting on the Lord as well.

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