A Creative Leap of Faith

A "ridiculous" suggestion turns into something joyous, fun and exhilarating.

Posted in , Jun 30, 2015

Take a creative leap of faith.

I’ve been working at Guideposts for exactly two years now. From basically day one, our editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan has been trying to get me to take acting lessons. It seemed like a ridiculous idea to me. I’m probably one of the shyest people in New York State. Just the thought of performing in front of strangers was enough to make me hide under my desk.

But Edward wouldn’t give up. He brought it up over and over and over again.   

“You know, you should really take acting,” he said. “It’ll make your writing more dramatic.”

I brushed off the suggestion for a good year. Until a few months ago, at an offsite editorial staff meeting, Edward announced his crazy idea to a room full of editors.  

“I keep telling Diana to take acting lessons…” he said.   

That’s it! I told myself. I’m going to do it. Just so he stops talking about it!

I looked up acting classes. But the idea of reciting sonnets just didn’t appeal to me. Maybe improv comedy classes would be more to my liking. After all, I love making people laugh. I searched online. Something called Improvlution came up.

“It’s not about being funny or clever or aggressive, or needing to be a good actor or performer,” the school’s description read. “It’s about investing in and getting behind the part of yourself that is fearless, creative, open, spontaneous and likes the idea of creating with others.”

Sounded perfect!

So, for three hours on a Thursday night, I learned the basics of improvisation. The teacher stressed again and again the importance of saying, “Yes, and...” That means instead of automatically replying “no,” you accept and build upon the ideas of your fellow improvisers. See where the scene takes you.  

I liked the class so much that I signed up for the 10-week intro course that started three days later. Surely that would get Edward to keep quiet!

The course just ended last week with a final live performance in front of friends and family. I’m happy to report that I had a blast. I loved every terrifying, exhilarating second of it…and discovered a lot about myself. It turns out I do enjoy performing after all!

I would’ve never found out had I not agreed to Edward’s “ridiculous idea.”


Maybe that’s how it is with God too. He presents us with opportunities every day. Seemingly crazy plans that go above and beyond what we think we’re capable of. He has no doubt that we can do it. But we’re stuck in the habit of saying no. No, I can’t possibly do that. I’m not qualified. I wish I could, but…

Who knows what could happen, though, if you take a leap of faith. And finally say, “yes, and…”!

Have you ever said “yes” to a ridiculous idea from God? Share your story below! 

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