A God Who Watched Over Me

During a scary moment alone at home, God provided protection.

Posted in , Sep 10, 2015

When God watched over me.

Michelle Cox shares a story about how God protected her at a scary time.

Loud banging on the front door startled me. We live way out in the country, so we don’t usually get unexpected visitors, especially on a weekday morning. The person at the door knocked so hard that it sounded like he was trying to break the door down.

An instinctive fear welled up. I glanced out a window and saw a beat-up vehicle sitting partway down my driveway. I tiptoed from my office where I’d been working, whispered a prayer, snagged my cell phone and eased into another room to grab something to protect myself with if the need arose.

Before I could reach for it, I heard loud banging on the glass door in our kitchen. In order to get to that door, the person would have had to go across our yard, down some stairs, across the driveway and up multiple steps to our deck. There was no way the man at the front door could have gotten to the back door so quickly.

Yes, there were two men—one pounding on the front door and one on the back. I eased into our family room where I could peek out the window. It took quite a while for the person at the back door to come down the deck stairs. I suspected that he was checking the windows on the deck to see if anything was unlocked.

When he finally came down to the driveway where I could see him, it was a really rough-looking guy. I dialed my neighbor who lives down the street. He’s sometimes home during the week. I was so relieved when he answered the phone.

I filled him in on what was happening and told him the car had backed out of my driveway and headed up the street to one of our other neighbors. He said, “I’ll go try to stop them and see what they’re doing here.”

When he pulled beside their car, he said, “Can I help you?”

One man replied that they were from a tree company, and they were checking to see if we needed work done. But when my neighbor opened his car door to get out and talk with them, they quickly sped away. My neighbor noticed the tag was from another state. As I’d suspected, they were up to no good.

I got confirmation of that several weeks later when one of my daughter-in-law’s customers told her about a neighborhood where they’d had multiple break-ins from two guys who said they were from a tree company.

I am so grateful for a God who watched over me that day when those men showed up at my house, and for all the countless other times when He’s protected me and those I love. I’m so thankful that when those scary times come, we can go to Him in prayer and know that He will always be there. Aren’t you?

But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one. (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

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