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How to celebrate Christmas free of fear

A Joyful Christmas, Free of Fear and Stress

Let the words of the angels shared on that First Noel ease your mind, “Don’t be afraid.”

Letting go of the chaos of fear

Untangling the Knot of Fear

With patience and care, you can loosen your grip on the mess of fear.

The importance of solitude

Why You Should Spend Some Time Alone

In a crowded world, seeking out some solitude can be good for sanity, spirituality, health and productivity.

Is social media bad for spiritual life?

Is Social Media Bad for Spiritual Life?

Assistant Editor Dan Hoffman takes a closer look at the quality of life off the cyber grid.

Shut down anger by closing your computer

How to Stop Feeding Anger

Closing your computer and noticing the world around you can be a wondrous thing.

How to deal with irritation using your faith.

4 Constructive Ways to Deal with Irritation

Anything that drives you nuts can drive you to God

Statue of Julian of Norwich by David Holgate, west front, Norwich Cathedral. Image Wiikimedia, Tony Grist.

A Prayer for Stressful Times

Julian of Norwich’s words inspire a sense of peace when the world seems to be in turmoil.

Trust the hand of God.

A Trusted Hand

When you’re afraid to take another step, remember that you’re hand-in-hand with God.

Singing as an anecdote to a stressful day

An Inspiration Prescription for a Stressful Day

Take a breath, hit the pause button. Then watch this stunning video of Psalm 53 being sung in Aramaic before Pope Francis.

Shrugging off fear and embracing God's will.

Shrugging Off Fear

Once you embrace “Thy will be done,” all burdens become lighter.