Emotional and Mental Health

Mental and emotional health rank just as high as physical health when it comes to your overall well-being. Whether you have a diagnosed mental health concern like depression or anxiety, or are curious about how to improve your emotional life, investing in robust emotional health is a worthy and important priority.
Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo’s 6 Top Decluttering Tips

The most practical takeaways from the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

5 Ways to Declutter Your Home with Joy

5 Ways to Declutter Your Home with Joy

Author Roberta Messner shares some of the discoveries she made while clearing out her space

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Carmindy Shares Her Thoughts on Inner Beauty

TLC's Carmindy talks about how she's changed over the years.

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On the Journey: Rick Hamlin Gives Us a Tour of the Cloisters

On the Journey: Rick Hamlin Gives Us a Tour of the Cloisters

Guideposts Senior Editor Rick Hamlin takes us around the Cloisters in Upper Manhattan.

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Positive things about being an introvert

4 Positive Things About Being an Introvert

Just because you value privacy and solitude doesn’t mean you aren’t living your most positive life.

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The healing power of hugs

Can Hugs Make You Happier?

A group of scientists is looking at this question—you may like what they’re finding.

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Joshua Becker

7 Decluttering Tips from Joshua Becker

The ‘Becoming Minimalist’ blogger shares super practical ways to declutter your home and improve your mental health in the process.

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Relaxing at Christmas

5 Self-Care Tips for a Positive Christmas

As Christmas draws near, it’s more important than ever to nurture your positive spirit with these techniques.

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Photo from the interior of "Cozy Minimalist"

Myquillyn Smith Shares Her Best Decluttering Tips

The blogger and decorating expert opens up about her journey to minimalism and how to declutter your home.

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Winter crafts to Boost Your Mood

7 Winter Crafts to Boost Your Mood

Discover the surprising benefits of these winter activities 

Blowing in the wind.

3 Ways to Stand Strong When Storms of Life Attack

A new perspective on how to navigate winds of change. 

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3 Ingredients of a Positive Friendship

Cultivating just a few positive relationships can be a source of joy, support and satisfaction throughout your life.

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Camping in the rain

When ‘No’ Is The Most Positive Answer

Sometimes saying “yes” to your own happiness means saying “no” to something else.

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How to Choose Calm

Considering that this little word is both a feeling and an action gives you two ways into a peaceful day.

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