10 Inspiring Stories About Managing Mental Illness

A collection of moving stories on the topic of depression, anxiety and mental illness in honor of Mental Health Awareness month.

Posted in , May 4, 2020

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For 75 years, Guideposts has been a beacon of hope, positive thinking and true stories. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness on the struggles of mental illness. In honor of this month, we've collected some of our most inpiritational stories on depression, anxiety and how to live with mental illnesses. 

Abraham Lincoln: A Courage Born of Depression

In this moving Guideposts story, writer Elizabeth Sherrill unpacks Abraham Lincoln's history of mental health struggles, and in so doing, finds an understanding of her own. 

Rebekah Lyons’ 6-Step Morning Routine to Reduce Anxiety

The author and speaker broke down how her morning habits help set her up for a worry-free day. 

Glenn Close on Destigmatizing Mental Illness

In this 2010 Guideposts cover story, actress Glenn Close opened up about how her family's history of mental illness led to her becoming an advocate.

5 Prayers for Depression

A chaplain shares prayers that help him and his family deal with his depression. 

How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression

Chef Kevin Curry shares how cooking and prayer gave him the strength to fight for his mental health. 

How She Coped with Her Husband’s Depression

A wife shares how processing her grief helped her cope with her husband's mental illness.  

After Depression, Her Rescue Dog Gave Her Hope

Find inspiration in Lavanya Sunkara's Guideposts story about how her relationship with her dog has improved her mental health. 

8 Bible Verses for Depression

Turn to these Scriptures when you or a loved one need encouragement that, no matter your mental state, you are not alone. 

How Ginger Zee Learned to Manage Her Depression

The TV personality shared how acknowledging and confronting her depression has helped mer manage it in this Guideposts cover story. 

Louie Giglio Gets Real about Battling Depression and Anxiety

The pastor of Passion City Church offers tips from his own experiences dealing with mental illness. 

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