4 Positive Things About Being an Introvert

Just because you value privacy and solitude doesn’t mean you aren’t living your most positive life.

Posted in , Jan 9, 2019

Positive things about being an introvert

“I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but like everybody else, it must be in my own way,” said Jane Austen.

“In your own way” might mean you far prefer a cozy blanket and a good book over a bustling party or busy restaurant. If that sounds familiar to you, you may be an introvert. For introverts, Austen’s words are reassuring reminders that there is no rigid formula for happiness or positive living. You don’t have to be a social butterfly to be a loving, optimistic person. Here are four positive aspects of introversion:

1)  Introverts Tend to Be Great Listeners
Because introverts don’t like being the center of attention, they are in a great position to be attentive listeners. Listening is an art that’s hard for many people to master. As an introvert, your proclivity is to take in everything around you, process it and contribute wise and thoughtful ideas in your own time.

2)  Introverts Skillfully Avoid Peer Pressure
Introverts can enjoy the company of other people, have meaningful relationships and succeed in social settings. But an introvert is also skilled at gently saying no to invitations that feel too far out of social comfort zones. If a friend asks you to a loud bar to hear a dance band, they know how to say, “That would be a lot for me. Can we meet at a café for coffee sometime soon?”

3)  Introverts Are Noticers
Because introverts are thoughtful and feel most comfortable in their own space, they tend to be excellent observers of the world around them. This puts you in a position to notice when a friend is having a hard time, when a child needs an extra word of encouragement or when a fellow introvert needs an exit strategy from a stressful social situation.

4)  Introverts Think Deeply
Research has shown that introverts actually take longer to process information than extroverts. This might account for the increased time and space many introverts need to respond to or participate in activities or events. It also means that introverts think deeply about things that pass through their lives, reflecting more deeply on an issue before moving on than a busy extravert might.

What do you love about being an introvert?

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