5 Blessings During Difficult Times

If you’re enduring difficult days right now, it doesn’t have to be all about anger, fear and frustration.

Posted in , Jun 16, 2016

5 blessings during difficult times

No one likes going through difficult times, but they happen to all of us. I want to share some things I’ve learned from those times because I think they will help you. I know my attitude has changed for the better.

My husband and I have faced some major medical issues this past year. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of those situations, it’s hard to see the way out, to have hope. 

Sometimes it even seems like God is a million miles away and that there’s a wall between Him and our prayers, just when we need Him most. I’ll admit—I've even gotten mad at God when I felt as if He didn’t care.

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So finally, one day I knelt before Him and said, “Okay, God, my being in control obviously isn’t cutting it. You handle it. Could You please teach me what You want me to learn from this experience?”

And that’s when God showed me that there are special blessings in those difficult times. Yes, blessings. Here are five I’ve come to know:

1)  I can trust Him. Even though I can’t always see His hand at work on my behalf, He is in control of the situation. 

2) He is bigger than any circumstance I face. Problems that are big to me are oh-so-tiny to Him.

3)  I’m closer to Him in difficult times because that’s when I lean on Him most. There’s nothing like going through a hard situation and then feeling like God has wrapped His arms around me in a comforting hug.

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4) Instead of feeling anger now when things are tough, I ask God, “What do you want me to learn from this situation?” This has helped me find meaning, instead of seeing the issue as a threat.

5)  And I’ve learned that sometimes God allows me to go through tough times so that I can be a comfort to others when they go through their difficulties.

Sweet friends, are you going through difficult days right now? Ask Him to show you what He wants you to learn from it, and then watch for the special blessings He sends. 

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