5 Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Fresh Start

It doesn’t need to be complicated or challenging to turn a fresh page on each new day.

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The Jewish sociologist and farmer Max Levis has this simple yet powerful description of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year that begins at sundown on September 29. He says, “Rosh Hashanah isn’t just about being new, it’s about a change.”

Whenever we mark a new year—by turning the calendar, returning to school or celebrating a holiday—we are looking for a fresh start. Newness, yes, but also the freshness of change, of new perspectives and insights to guide us on a positive, growing path.

But how? Here are five easy ways to connect with that feeling of starting fresh, whether it’s a new year or simply a new day in your life.

1) Clear Some Clutter
Even letting go of a single box or bag of items can give you a refreshing sense that you’re being intentional about what serves your life—and what can stay in your past.

2) Sharpen a Pencil
Or crack open a new pen or invest in a new notebook. Having fresh supplies can invigorate even the otherwise-mundane task of creating your to-do list.

3) Learn Something New
You can learn something new by opening a book you’ve been meaning to read, Googling a question that’s been on your mind, enrolling in a class that piques your interest—or simply asking a friend for a fresh perspective on an issue. Broadening your knowledge on any topic means taking your mind into fresh territory.

4) Power Down
Take a break from technology—for an hour, a day, a week or however long you need to feel like you’ve been able to put some space between yourself and digital routines that might not be serving you best.

5) Designate Daily “Worry Time”
One reason we sometimes struggle to start fresh is that we get stuck ruminating on worrisome thoughts about the past, the future or even the present. Make an “appointment” with yourself to allow these thoughts into your day only at a brief (30 minutes or less), specific time. The rest of the time, focus on what you are doing that’s new and positive.

How do you give yourself that “fresh start” feeling?

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