5 Ways to Have More Peace

5 Ways to Have More Peace

Everyone has stress. Whether it's work or health issues, family or finances, if people are involved, the potential to be overwhelmed by stress is there. In many cases, the things which cause us stress are unavoidable and outside of our control. But even then, there are ways we can have peace in the midst of turmoil. Here are five ways to have more peace in difficult circumstances. —Brooke Obie

  • Get rid of stress by writing in a journal and have more peace

    1. Keep a Journal

    Stress never melts away by itself. Instead, it's only when we acknowledge what is overwhelming us that we can begin to heal from it. Take time to express how you’re feeling, whether it’s frustration or despair, in a safe space. Give yourself time and permission to experience and process your emotions in a healthy, non-permanent way by either keeping a private online journal or a physical one, without the external consequences of saying regrettable things to others that you can't take back. If you need more help to process your stress, sharing with a spiritual counselor or therapist what you've written in your journal can also minimize stress and give you more peace.  Read more: 7 Reasons to Start Journaling

  • combat stress with prayer and meditation

    2. Pray and Meditate Often

    Especially in the midst of an ongoing stressful situation, constant, quick meditation and prayer can be the difference between giving up and getting peace. Start your day by preparing your mind to be in a state of peace, despite what may happen to you. Pray earnestly for peace. If you're entering into a place you expect will be stressful (whether it's the office or a family gathering), get there a little early so you can have some quiet time to do a quick prayer before you start. Find a scripture to meditate on during your lunch break. Try these Bible Verses for Peace.

  • Develop a mantra to get rid of stress and have more peace

    3. Adopt a Mantra

    Sometimes, stressful events can come out of nowhere and catch you completely off-guard. That's why it's so important to have your own go-to mantra that you can repeat, instead of saying or doing something that you may regret. My mantra is Psalm 131:2, "I have stilled and quieted my soul," and I repeat it until it's true! Find your mantra in our collection of inspirational quotes for hope.

  • Find peace and healing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    4. Find a Happy Place

    Whether you've got a picture of your loved ones on your desk at work or a photograph of your dream house or location on your screensaver, find a beautiful image that will bring you joy and imagine yourself there, surrounded by the people you love. When the world gets to be too much, escape to your happy place for a while. Check out our beautiful photos and stories about adventure in our travel section.

  • go for a walk in a park to get some peace and escape stress

    5. Get Outside

    While it would be lovely to de-stress on a beach somewhere beautiful or on a hike through the mountains, these aren't always financially possible. But being cooped up in a car, in a cubicle or at home can intensify feelings of stress. The solution: Take a quick trip outside. If you're unable to get to a nearby park, just circle your block, sit outside on your patio or just open a window and let in some fresh air and sunlight. You'll begin to let out stress and let in peace. For budget-friendly tips to escape, check out our summer staycation ideas here


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