5 Ways to Survive Feeling Stuck

Even in the most overwhelming circumstances, there are ways to help you see options. 

Posted in , Jun 8, 2016

5 to ways to survive feeling stuck in a rut.

I hate feeling stuck. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. I get frustrated and irritable, mainly because I get bit panicky when I sense I am trapped. So I remind myself of five things:

1)  Stuck doesn’t last forever.
Love is eternal, God is eternal, and when I feel like I’m trapped forever, it’s only because I am afraid.

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2)  The fact that I can’t see a way out of my situation doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
I’m not omniscient, but I do happen to know Someone who is. Often what I need more than a miracle is patience, so that fear (see above) doesn’t cloud my vision of the available options.

3)  The fact that I can't see a way out doesn't mean I actually need one. 
Sometimes the situation is really a cross I have to accept and carry. Sometimes a fact check is in order: Is the reason I feel stuck because I simply don’t like any of the choices I’ve been given?

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4)  God is with me, even in Stuckville. 
No matter how I feel, all is not lost. In the worst, darkest, scariest places in life, “the Lord is my shepherd” (Psalm 23:1) and He is with me.

5)  My feelings are real, but they don’t necessarily reflect the truth.
God is truth. He is bigger than any fears I have, and what I need more than a solution to my stuck-ness is to trust in Him.

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