A Joyful Christmas, Free of Fear and Stress

Let the words of the angels shared on that First Noel ease your mind, “Don’t be afraid.”

Posted in , Dec 15, 2016

How to celebrate Christmas free of fear

There’s something miraculous about Christmas songs. They can transport us back in time to our childhood or to a winter wonderland where everything seems magical. These songs fill our hearts with joy, but may also fill our heads with unrealistic expectations.

One of the more popular songs that so many of us love listening to is, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” The lyrics paint a picture of an amazing season free from troubles, but we know that the Christmas season is not without its challenges and stress.

We can still feel fearful and anxious; afraid of not experiencing a good Christmas; afraid of being alone for the holiday; afraid that we are unable to give our loved ones the gifts they want; afraid of travel hassles. We fear the Christmas dinner will become a battlefield over politics, family dynamics and even religion. And there are those who are fighting serious illnesses and fear the future.

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As the Gospel tells us, in the midst of all the good news of the birth of Jesus, many people were battling their own fears and emotions. Mary, a simple girl of Nazareth, is overwhelmed, fearful and bewildered by the heavenly visitor. Joseph and the shepherds of the fields were afraid as well.

But God through the voice of the angles reassures them that all will be well. If fear of some kind is seeking to rob you of your joy and celebration of your faith…let the words of the angels shared on that First Noel ease your mind, “Don’t be afraid.” Let us take those words to heart and rest assured that God is with us.

There is much to celebrate this season even when we face life’s troubles and the challenges. The Lord is our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. On this Christmas Day, let not fear, anger, grudges or other negative emotions prevent you from experiencing the gift of joy from God. What is one thing that brings you joy this holiday season? Please share with us.

Lord, let your presence and power of Your word remove our fears, anxiousness and worries so that we experience Your joy.

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