Being Content with Today

Navigating life, and finding some peace, when things get painful, confusing or complicated

Posted in , Jul 20, 2016

Being content with today. Finding peace when life gets complicated.

I was in a church recently where there was a large crucifix. I stared at it a while, puzzling through a problem I’ve been facing. I listened to the thoughts scampering about through my brain, and realized that when life gets incredibly painful or complicated or seemingly impossible to navigate, funny little links glom on between things that are true and things that I merely want to be true.

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I spent a while mentally crossing out the odd, wishful add-ons. For example:

  • Jesus died on the cross (so my life would be easier).
  • Jesus died on the cross (to end suffering).
  • Jesus died on the cross (so I can be happy).
  • Jesus died on the cross, and I love and serve Him (so nothing really bad is ever going to happen to me).
  • Jesus died on the cross, and I want to follow His ways (so I will always know what He wants me to do next).
  • Jesus died on the cross, and I will take up my cross to follow Him (and then the problem will pass and everything will be good again).

If we stick to the pure truth of the matter, it’s simple: Jesus died on the cross for my sins. There will indeed be a time when I will no longer suffer, when I am always happy, when nothing bad will ever happen again, when what comes next is forever known, and all problems are past.

But that isn’t today. For today I am asked to be content with the knowledge and love of the Lord, the forgiveness of my sins, the grace to live out what I believe, and the promise of life everlasting. That’s enough.

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