Dreams Bring Peace after a Loved One’s Death

In dreams, we can often find the comfort that allows us to move on after the death of someone dear to us.

Posted in , Oct 10, 2011

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Dreams can bring us comfort and enlightenment, and can help us clearly understand something in a new way. Many people write to me of their dreams and the peace they offer, especially following the death of someone close.

Lynda writes about her mother’s death and the guilt she and her sister felt because they were not with her. The middle sister, who was the primary caregiver, had taken a much-needed break. The other sister had taken her daughter out for breakfast, and Lynda herself lived a good distance away and could not get there in time.

A few weeks after her mother died, she had a dream that brought her peace. She was standing behind a railing on one side of a deep but narrow canyon. Her parents (her dad had died years earlier) were seated together on the patio of a restaurant in Mexico, where they had vacationed years before. It was a very happy scene and when her mother caught her eye, she smiled and waved. She knew she could not join them but was happy to see them together and to know her mother had made the transition peacefully.

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A week later, Lynda discovered that one of her sisters had had the same dream—with one difference. Her sister had run back and forth trying to find a break in the railing so she could reach her parents. The humor of it was that their mother would often say of her, “That girl just can’t take no for an answer.”

Sue writes of the dream she had the night before one birthday. She and her mother were driving past the cemetery where her dad is buried when suddenly he was the driver. He gave her mother a lovely necklace and Sue a bracelet. The next thing she knew, he was sitting in the backseat next to her. She hugged him and said, “Dad please don’t let this be the last time.”

In another dream, her dad was driving her somewhere and she said, “Dad, are you OK?” He looked at her and said, “Everything is good.” Sue says that something in her has changed since her dad’s death and that she now realizes there is a beautiful place waiting for all of us where we will meet again.

These dreams brought comfort after the loss of loved ones, and brought peace to heavy hearts.

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