God's Grace and Mercy Follow Me

Some roads that stretch ahead may not be what we would have chosen. But the Lord is there!

Posted in , Aug 17, 2015

The Lord's grace and mercy follow us wherever we go.

I stood on the patio and watched my son and his puppy play in the yard. As I witnessed the sweet display of love and devotion, I was moved to think of the presence of God in our daily lives. God’s grace and mercy follow us wherever we go.

Nine-year old Gabriel ran across the yard and grabbed the yellow rings that hang from our playset. He swung back and forth, and Rugby stretched out on the grass. Gabriel rushed to the trampoline and took a few jumps. Rugby rested underneath. Gabriel went to the yard swing that sits under the breadth of our sprawling maple. Rugby jumped up and curled beside Gabriel. Right on the cushion.

Rugby loves his family. I’ve heard it said that Labrador retrievers are velcro-dogs. They stick with their people. It’s dear that as we move around our home, Rugby is there, following along, making us smile with his devotion.

What a comforting truth, an overwhelming consideration, to know that the God’s grace and mercy follow us, too!

And grace and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall live in the house of the Lord forever. (Psalm 23:6)

Grace and mercy following me–this passage brings peace. Circumstances may be tough. Life situations may not be what we want. Some roads that stretch ahead are not what we would have chosen to travel. But the Lord is there bringing grace and mercy! 

We don’t always know what that grace and mercy will look like, but we can trust that it will be sufficient. Sustaining. It will always be enough.

Claiming God’s ever-present grace and mercy can free me from worry. It can break bonds of fear.

Our 23-year old son, Logan, is preparing to move from our home again. He’ll study law at the University of Iowa. We’re packing boxes, loading his car. There’s a new place to live and a new course of study and a new life waiting for him. It’s easier to let our children grow and move on when we have the confidence that God’s grace and mercy will follow them. Wherever they go.

Gabriel and Rugby sat on the swing for a few minutes before young-male energy kicked in and they, together, bolted across the still-green late summer grass.

I had things to do, but I stood for just a moment longer.

God’s grace and mercy following His children.

I couldn’t imagine anything more peace-giving or precious.

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