Jesus Is the Light in the Dark

When things seem so dark that you can't find a way out, remember the light of Jesus.

Posted in , Sep 24, 2015

A light in the dark

Our wedding anniversary trip took an unexpected turn, leaving behind a memory that neither of us expected. Paul and I had headed to Atlanta for a couple of days to celebrate 41 years of marriage. We caught the first cold snap of the season and the weather was perfect for a weekend of having fun.

We’d had a marvelous time meandering through some stores at the mall, puttering around in quaint antique and home décor shops, eating at some of our favorite restaurants and hanging out together reading for a while at the bookstore.

Nothing fancy, but the leisurely couple of days we both needed. Paul’s still my best friend and my favorite road partner, so just being together without being rushed made it a special time.

We headed back to our hotel and stretched out to watch a little television to round out the evening. We’d just put our heads on the pillows, when all of a sudden, the power went out.

It was pitch black.

I don’t know when I’ve seen any darker darkness. There wasn’t a speck of light anywhere for about 15 minutes. Not one. There we were, in unfamiliar surroundings, and it was so dark in the room that we were afraid to make a move, afraid we’d trip over something.

We could hear people in the hallway, and we wondered how they’d make it to their rooms. Paul said, “I hope nobody was in the elevator.”

I often travel by myself. I was so glad Paul was with me that night! The intensity of the darkness was a bit overwhelming, and I think I would have been a little nervous if I’d been there alone.

And then I remembered something. “Hey, wait a minute,” I told Paul. “My phone is on the nightstand.” It was amazing what a difference that light made in the room.

Paul and I didn’t plan that one of our anniversary trip memories would be about the night the lights went out in Georgia—but that’s what happened.

Isn’t that just how it happens in our lives sometimes? We’ll be going along fine. Life is good—and then all of a sudden something takes place that throws us into the intense darkness of despair. It might be a car wreck, an unexpected diagnosis at the doctor’s office, a financial upheaval or the devastating loss of someone we love.

I’ve been there before, times when life seemed so dark that I couldn’t see a way out. Times when I felt alone and was afraid. And then the light of Jesus shone into the darkness—and that’s what made the difference.  

Sweet friend, are you going through a hard time? Stick close to the Light, and He’ll shine his peace and love into the dark places of your life. Tried and proven.

To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. (Luke 1:79)

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