Lift Your Holiday Spirits

Chase those holiday blues away with little positive thinking!

- Posted on Nov 10, 2008

Norman Vincent Peale

The man who inspired The Power of Positive Thinking shares 5 simple steps to lift your spirit and make your holiday happier.

1. Do something new and different.
When you're depressed, it's easy to get into a rut and magnify your difficulties. Go somewhere or do something (even simply taking a new route to work) that can give you a fresh perspective.

2. What are you thankful for?
Sit down right now and make a gratitude list. Once you look for the good in your life, you will start to see more and more of it all around you.

3. Spend more time with your friends, especially the optimistic ones.
Confide your troubles. Sharing a burden always make it easier to bear.

4. For the next 24 hours, make a deliberate effort to speak hopefully about everything...
...Your work, your personal life, your home, your future.

5. Repeat step 4.
Eventually you'll notice you have replaced hopeless with hopeful thinking. Amazing!

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