Overcoming Fear with Praise

Busy living brings anxious thoughts. But a life open to God’s Presence brings endless possibilities for peace.

Posted in , Sep 28, 2015

Overcome fear and anxiety with praise.

We sit and let the afternoon sun rest on our shoulders. It’s quiet except for the cicadas. My two older boys are at school, and my middle son is with a friend. It’s just the two smaller boys and me. Grandpa brought a big box of fresh peaches, and we each have one. They’re ripe and ready and juice runs down the boys’ forearms and dribbles from their chins.

Soon one son hits the middle of his peach, and he places the seed on his outstretched hand. He peers at the craggy and brown surface.

“It’s neat,” he says, “how God makes the fruit for our food. But that’s also what protects the seed.”

My other son takes the seed into his own hand. His palm is stretched open now, and they poke and prod until what was once hidden grows warm from the sun. My boys chatter about fruit and trees and creation and God.

And for a moment, I’m lost in this child-like wonder. I long for this ability see something, consider it and as easy-as-breath, give glory to the Lord.

For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of your hands. (Psalm 92:4, NIV)

In this life we run hard and fast. There are commitments. Responsibilities. Things to do and places to go. Rather than enjoying the moment the Lord has given me, I wonder and worry about how I’m going to accomplish the next 10 things on my list.

Yet the Lord is faithful to beckon me out of my distraction.

And today I’m called by the give-God-the-glory, simple-wonder of a child.

“It’s a cool thing, the way God works,” a son says. He and his brother decide to put the peach seed in a Ziploc baggie with hopes of seeing something grow. They rush off for paper towels and water and a plastic bag. Their conversation is lost to me as they pound down the patio steps and rush into our home.

But their appreciation for God’s handiwork stays with me.

If I let it, seeing and savoring God’s Presence will change me from the inside, and I can trade busy, anxious thoughts for praise.

It is fully possible.

I just need to live slowly enough to see.

Help me to see Your wonder today, Lord. Let me live in Your Presence and give You glory for great things. Amen.

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