People, Not Pawns

In the hotly debated immigration issue, let's remember we're talking about human beings.

Posted in , Nov 14, 2014

Immigration is about people, not pawns. Photo by Michael Jay, Thinkstock.

Let’s start with reality: We can’t possibly arrest, detain and deport 12 million illegals living in this country. And even if we could I would hope we wouldn’t.

Now before you start hating on me, I don’t want to get in the middle of what is shaping up to be another D.C. slugfest (the city not the comics, though there are similarities). And that’s what bothers me.

Immigrants are people, not pawns-photo by Michael Jay for ThinkstockMillions of people are being used as pawns by both sides of this fight, like so much political cannon fodder. They are not illegal humans, they’re illegal immigrants. I think we should remember that.

A few months ago I wrote about showing compassion to the children who were streaming over our border from Central America, regardless of whether you thought they should stay or they should go.

I was astounded by the passions it aroused on both sides of the argument, and the vitriol. Whether they should be allowed to stay or not, the vast majority of undocumented workers come here for the right reasons–to work hard and make a better life for their families, the same imperative that has driven human migration into the Americas for 12,000 years.  

Remember, we’re all latecomers to this party.

People of faith certainly differ on the immigration issue but before the political bloodletting begins, can we agree that this is about people, not pawns?

Lives, not leverage?


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