The Cost of Fear

What delights are you missing out on? Remember what God can accomplish through you.

Posted in , Mar 17, 2016

What fear can cost you.

Have you ever considered what fear can cost you? My little granddaughter, Ava, made me think about that while we were at Disney World recently.

During a previous family trip to Disney World several years ago, Ava was two. The darkened rooms and loud noises scared her during some of the attractions. She’d hide her face or her parents would take her outside when she cried.

Ava usually sparkles with joy and excitement, so it made me sad to see her clinging to her parents or trembling in fear. I understood, but I hated that she was missing out on so much of the fun—especially when it was time for the fireworks.

Anyone who’s been to Disney knows that the fireworks and light display at Cinderella’s Castle is stunning as the castle changes colors and the sky lights up with cascading bright reds, greens and blues. 

Ava would hunker down in her stroller with a blanket pulled over her head or hang onto her parents, head tucked into their shoulders. Her fear kept her from experiencing something special.

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Contrast that to a couple of weeks ago when we returned to Disney. Ava is five now, and things were different. She laughed her way through the rides; her little face lit up with awe and excitement as she watched the shows that had scared her just a few short years ago.

We arrived early one night for the fireworks and the parade that would precede them. As the floats with bright music and dancing princesses rolled past us, Ava looked up at me and said, “Grandmama, I’m not afraid anymore. It’s so beautiful!” A bit later, I loved hearing her exclamations of delight as the fireworks lit up the sky.

Ava was just a little girl when she allowed fear to cost her the beauty and fun of Disney World. But, sweet friends, we are much like a child in many ways.

When God says, “I have a big dream for you to do,” instead of launching it with joy and trusting Him, we let fear rule us. We look at all of the things we can’t do instead of focusing on the things He CAN do through us.

We walk through the scary times in our lives, and worry can overtake us to the point where we can’t even breathe instead of trusting the One who loves us and promises to care for us.

Is fear overwhelming you today? Maybe it’s time to claim His promise in Psalm 56:3: “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”

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