Trust God When You're Afraid

Sometimes we have to move forward in faith to claim the blessing that’s on the far side of fear.

Posted in , Aug 3, 2015

Shawnelle's son jumping off the boat into the lake in Michigan

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Perhaps it’s the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds or the pain of bad memories that’s keeping you from moving forward. Here's Shawnelle's story:

For my sons, fear kicked in on a recent trip to our favorite place, Higgins Lake in Michigan. My husband Lonny had stopped our boat at the perfect spot, where the water shifts shades from cool aqua to dark-as- midnight blue. On one side, the little boys could swim in the shallows and on the other, the bigger boys could dive to the deep. But the boys paused on the edge of the boat, facing the water but still as stone.

I understood.

 The lake looks tropical, but my boys know it’s Michigan-cold. They remembered the cold that makes young joints ache and breath come in ragged jags.

“You can do it, guys,” I said. “Just jump on in.”

“You jump too,” my son Gabriel said.

So there I was, perched on the edge, knowing the blessing that would be mine when my body adjusted, but being afraid to take the plunge.

It’s a little like when the Lord calls us, in faith, to do something for His glory that is outside of our comfort zone. For me, that fear is public speaking. When the invitations come, I get afraid because I remember a time, years ago, when a speaking opportunity hadn’t gone well. What if I jump and belly flop again? What if I fumble and never recover?

Then I step forward. And every single time, the Lord shows up.

Each time I stand behind the podium, He provides me all the strength and courage I need. He settles my soul. My breath comes even. My heartbeat is calm. He brings me perfect peace! Once I step forward in faith, He gives grace and mercy and compassion that is sufficient. And the funny thing? Once I release the worry and open my spirit to the strength of the Lord, I have such fun.

Sometimes we have to move forward in faith to claim the blessing that’s on the far side of fear.

“I’m going to do it, Mama,” my brave boy Isaiah said. “I’m just going to jump.”

He did. He paddled around in the sparkly water and his smile urged us on.

And one by one, we all jumped too.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings that come when we step forward in faith. Amen.

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