What to Do When Anxiety Strikes

How to stay in the moment and trust Him with your concerns.

Posted in , Sep 3, 2015

What to do when anxiety strikes.

Are there times when you feel overwhelmed by anxiety? Your heart begins to race and your mind becomes cluttered by a million thoughts. At times we may feel the pressure of the world upon our shoulders which can cause us to lash out at others, cry or worse.

It has been a while since my family went on vacation together, and as excited as she was, my wife Elba began to feel anxious about traveling. As vacation neared, her stress increased. She then decided it was time to touch base with a counselor, someone who could walk her through the anxiety.

During the session, her counselor said “Be where your feet are.” She then explained to Elba that living in the moment is crucial to being physically and mentally healthy.

When we think ahead, we tend to dread all the bad things that could happen. This is when anxiety strikes, and although these fears rarely occur, they still continue to flood our minds. When feeling anxious, Elba’s mind travels to places it shouldn’t. What if we miss the flight? What if something happens to the plane? The list of worries goes on and on.

No one is immune to anxiety, but what if we were able to focus on the moment at hand instead of the future. Jesus once said, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” In other words, stay in the moment and trust Him with your concerns.

Though He asks us to have faith in Him and believe that all will be right, I don’t think He meant that we should never worry. I believe He offered this counsel so that we are not consumed by our worries and led to self-destruction. Ultimately He was teaching us to trust in Him and His almighty power. God knows all of our needs. How do you manage your worries? Please share with us below.

Lord, teach me to stay in the moment, trusting in your provision and presence. 

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