When You're Lost, God Finds You

How one woman navigated through a hospital of endless doors, elevators and stairwells, then stumbled upon a beautiful sight.

Posted in , Aug 11, 2015

How a statue of Jesus revived a weary, lost woman.

Have you ever found yourself “hopelessly lost”? That’s what happened to today’s guest blogger, Isabella Yosuico. (You might remember her from the July issue of Guideposts!)

She was lost and discouraged, trying to navigate her way through a hospital of endless doors, elevators and stairwells. But then she stumbled upon a beautiful sight. Something that let her know God had been leading her all along.  

Here’s her story…

I was hopelessly lost. I’d just finished my visit to one of Baltimore’s most prestigious hospitals. I’d met with their pediatric staff to drop off an order of my product, MightyTykes–weights made especially for special needs kids.

Afterward, I’d delivered samples to other departments in the hospital’s massive main building, a complex maze of hallways and doorways. Scattered remodeling construction made matters worse, with detours off main corridors to tiny passageways that seemed to lead nowhere.

After yet another elevator ride to nowhere, I stood at the intersection of two busy hallways. A nurse kindly asked, “Are you lost?”

“Yes!” I said, relieved someone had noticed.

She gave me directions to the parking garage. I thanked her and headed on my way again. But, 15 minutes later, I was more confused than ever.

Isabella Yosuico, founder of MightyTykesI sighed. It figured. These days, I was lost in more ways than one. I’d started MightyTykes a year earlier and sales were still achingly slow. MightyTykes was more than just a business to me. It was a mission inspired by my son Isaac, who has Down syndrome. Sure, there’d been many exciting business developments urging me on, and I was thrilled that a world-renowned hospital would be using the weights. But they’d only need a few sets. Money was running out, and we hadn’t gotten traction yet.

Now I couldn’t even find my way out of the hospital! Not sure what else to do, I uttered a little prayer for help and flagged a nearby custodian.

“Oh, you’re close,” he said, pointing down the hall. “Just turn left after that sign.”

The hall was suspiciously narrow and unmarked. This couldn’t be right, could it? I walked down the passage, followed it as it curved right, then left. I suddenly found myself standing in a small, but stately hall. I gasped.

There before me was the most beautiful sight my weary eyes had beheld all day. A statue of Jesus. I paused to read the inscription at Christ’s feet.

“COME unto ME all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you REST.”

If ever I needed that message from Matthew 11:28 it was now! And I would’ve never found it had I not gotten hopelessly lost in the first place.

It hadn’t been the path I originally set out on. There were twists and turns, pleas for help. But God had led me exactly where I needed to be. Maybe the same was true for MightTykes.

I smiled, said a silent thank-you to God and finally found my way to the parking garage.

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