Finding Grace in Winter

Yes, there are positive elements to this season of short, cold days!

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Finding grace in the short, cold days of winter.

It is easy for us in the Northeast to find negatives this time of year. It’s too cold, and so gray. The darkness sets in so early (who’s motivated for adventure after work when the sun sets at 5pm?). The roads get icy. Flights are cancelled due to blizzards.

If I am not careful, I forget to appreciate that the early mornings are lighter; that the warmth of our homes, schools and offices are great comforts; that the sky at sunset this time of year can be spectacular; that being out of doors can be refreshing—invigorating even.

Reminding myself of these more rewarding, positive elements (as my grandfather, Norman Vincent Peale practiced) stops me from looking ahead to that first spring day when my long winter coat is no longer necessary, to the first outdoor soccer practices, to starting a new garden. Anticipation can be a good thing but this kind of looking ahead keeps me from just being in the here and now and finding peace and grace in it.

One of my dearest friends, Sam Lardner, is a singer and songwriter. I am a huge fan of his music, and one of his songs is by far my favorite, “Be.” The song harkens back to a time and place when Sam felt perfectly present in the moment. He was just “being” and appreciating the gratification in that. To me this state feels like grace.

Each time I listen to this song, I practice being more present in my moments, in both attitude and conviction. This time of year forces me to be all the more deliberate in my practicing. I am so glad Sam Lardner’s “Be” is readily accessible to me. Now I’d like to share the song with you so it is within your reach too. 

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