Giving Thanks for Good Things

When things go right, don’t just breathe a sigh of relief. Give thanks to God.

Posted in , Apr 20, 2016

When things go right, thank God!

The weather was gorgeous this past weekend. As I was out and about, I felt the luxurious warmth of the sun on my shoulders, sensed liberation in those around me and noticed a shift in my heart.

Somehow life seems more do-able when the weather cooperates. It seems a bit silly that such a small thing has such a big impact. Yet it's almost as if sunshine and warmth make us feel as if this is how the world should be: beautiful, comfortable, not a battle against the elements.

Sometimes I wonder if the "should be's" are a kind of inborn knowledge of heaven, a deep-down understanding of what God intended.

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We seem to instinctively know that life was meant to be fair and people kind, that we were meant to be loved instead of stepped upon, and that generosity and forgiveness are a better path than self-centeredness and vengeance.

Yet sometimes when things go right all we do is breathe a sigh of relief. We're happy, and happy to be happy. And sometimes in that moment of almost-self-entitlement, we forget God is in the good things, and so forget to give thanks to Him.

I've set myself a challenge this week: to give thanks to the Lord each time something goes as it "should." To notice what goes right, give thanks for those who take responsibility, glorify Him in each person I meet who does the right thing.

Will you join me?

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