God Watches Over You

A day full of obstacles turns out to offer God's protection.

Posted in , Oct 19, 2015

During a day full of obstacles, it turns out God was watching over us the entire time.

“Wherever you go, I will watch over you...” (Genesis 28:15, CEV)

“I heard that today is supposed to be the best day for fishing this entire month!” Jeff called to me from his home office last Monday. “Want to go this afternoon?”

“Yes!” I responded without hesitation.

I love to go bass fishing with my hubby, and it had been far too long since we’d taken a break to enjoy the great outdoors. We both finished up some projects, and he readied the boat. We were on the road, headed toward Lake Monroe, Indiana, by 1:30 p.m.

After being on the highway about 10 minutes, Jeff turned down the radio. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” I asked.

Then we both heard it…a loud thumping noise.

Jeff glanced into the rearview mirror and saw the back right tire on his boat trailer. It was shredded. He quickly pulled off the road and jumped out to inspect it.

Thankfully, he had a spare tire for his boat trailer so he began changing it; however, upon further inspection, the spare tire was flat.

It was turning out to be a very bad day on a very busy highway. It looked like we were out of options.

But God wasn’t.

As we were trying to figure out what to do, a group of construction workers who were part of the crew rebuilding a bridge up the highway, stopped to help. Within just a few minutes, we had our own little road crew airing up the spare tire and helping Jeff secure the wheel.

“If we had to break down, this sure was a good spot for it,” I joked with the road crew. “Thank you all so much…can I make you a persimmon pudding or something to show our gratitude?”

Since they didn’t live in our hometown, but about 90 minutes away, the persimmon pudding idea wasn’t practical so Jeff promised to bring them lunch the next day from Smokin’ Jims, our favorite barbecue place. (Which he did.)

True we didn’t get to go fishing that afternoon, but we did get to see God in action. Had we broken down anywhere else on that stretch of road, we wouldn’t have had a highway crew right there, with all the needed tools, to lend a hand.

As we were thanking God for His provision on the drive back home, the clear blue sky turned quite eerie and dark. Though there had only been a 30 percent chance of rain that day, a huge storm blew in with thunder and lightning. Jeff and I just looked at each other and smiled, knowing if we had made it to the lake like we’d originally planned, we would’ve been on the water, smack dab in the middle of that storm. Once again, God had our backs.

Our boat’s fish tank stayed empty that afternoon, but our hearts were full. We were so grateful for God’s goodness and His involvement in our everyday lives.

Aren’t you?

Pray this with me:

Thank You, God, for watching over us and taking such good care of us. We are so grateful for Your presence in our everyday lives. You are a good God. In the Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.

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