How God Leads You to Unexpected Places

What you resist, in this case, Brooklyn, may be exactly what you need.

Posted in , Jun 3, 2016

The Brooklyn Bridge

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you end up in the very place you’d least expect?

Like Brooklyn. That’s where my sisters and I moved this past weekend after six years of living in Manhattan. If someone told me a year ago that I’d be living in Brooklyn, I would’ve laughed in their face like the villain in some made-for-TV movie. Brooklyn?! That was about as likely as snowflakes falling from the sky in the form of toasted mini marshmallows.

You see the borough of Brooklyn and I have a bit of a past. One New Year’s Eve, my sister and I ended up there for a friend’s party. It felt like a year-long journey just getting there and back. The year after that, I ended up in Brooklyn for New Year’s Eve again, this time at the world’s most boring dinner party. Over the years, whenever I went back to Brooklyn I ended up lost, on the wrong train or there by mistake after missing my subway stop.

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My tumultuous relationship with Brooklyn continued for ages. Until, back in November, I had a meeting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The person I was supposed to meet never showed due to a scheduling mix-up. It seemed like a waste to go all the way back to Manhattan, so I stuck around the neighborhood and explored a bit. I ended up having a lovely time. That scheduling mistake really opened my eyes. Maybe Brooklyn wasn’t all bad…

Then, this past April, my sisters and I began the long, torturous search for an apartment. We lost two great apartments in Manhattan and were running out of options. I found myself suggesting Brooklyn as an alternative. It wasn’t so far away and the rent prices were reasonable. We looked at a few places and the more I saw of Brooklyn, the more I really liked it.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change in a year, in a month, in the blink of an eye. And how God can lead you to unexpected places. Now that I’m in Brooklyn–the borough I formerly despised–I can’t help but wonder what other surprises God has in store for me.

What about you? How has God led you to unexpected places in your life?

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