How to Be in Love with the World

An inspiring morning walk with a little girl shows how wonderful life can be see when we see it through a child's eyes.

Posted in , Oct 5, 2016

Seeing a world of love and wonder through the eyes of a little girl

Sharon Azar of New York City is (among a long list of wonderful things!) a Facebook friend of mine and a former co-worker at Guideposts.

When I saw this on her Facebook page today, I asked her if I could share it here, where I know many animal-lovers and angel-lovers gather. Let’s hold her to sending that picture too.

This morning I had a magical encounter. After picking Daisy up (I'm Daisy's 'doggie nanny'), we walked toward my apartment and saw a little girl and her nanny waving goodbye to Mama.

When the little girl saw us, she was enchanted by Daisy and ran over to say hello. As she petted my furry charge she made it clear she wanted to walk Daisy herself, so I let her put her hand around the middle of the leash as we both continued up the street.

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Elba was so full of joy walking Daisy; she just smiled the biggest, proudest, most beautiful smile and kept on smiling…like a little angel.

Then she saw two infants in a double carriage and called out, “Babies! Babies!” and smiled at them with excitement. All the while she held on to Daisy, and I thought, Wow Elba has such focus! It was as if she were in love with the world.

As we continued walking, her nanny, Alba, who is Spanish, told me Elba's story. Elba was 18 months old, adopted by her Swedish single mom as a newborn. Elba speaks Swedish, Spanish, French and English!

When Alba says, “Let's take a bath” in Spanish (Vamos a tomar un bano), Elba replies, “No douche! No douche!” (douche is bath in French).

I was so enchanted with Elba and Alba that I didn't think to take a picture...maybe tomorrow! But for today I will live like Elba, in love with the world.

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