How to Love a Long Commute

Where there are people, there’s the chance to find the Lord and pray for others.

Posted in , Dec 4, 2018

How to enjoy a long commute

I have decided I love commuting in New York City. Like most things in life, how I perceive a given situation is a function of the perspective from which I view it.

It is 100% possible to describe my commute as “70 minutes in which I encounter 70,000 people.” It is also possible to describe it as “70 minutes in which to find people to love.”

It is possible to be on a crowded subway car and create a category of strangers for whom to pray: those looking at their phones, those reading books, those staring into space.

It is possible to walk among the masses transferring at 42nd Street and give thanks for the musician playing, whether it is a violinist, a Gospel singer or someone playing a steel drum.

It is possible to lift up the store clerks and fruit stand vendors and cappuccino-makers who work along my route.

It is possible to see God at work in the generous offer of a seat to an elderly woman or weary laborer.

In short, where there are people there are ways to find the Lord, praise Him, and lift up others.

Or… you can be annoyed at the crowds and inconvenience, and focus on how rude people can be. It's really up to you.

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