How to Make an Edible Bouquet from Your Herb Garden

Beautiful, fragrant and delicious, this herbal arrangement is so much more than decor.

Posted in , Jul 8, 2021

Herb bouquet

Cutting gardens are a summer delight, yielding armloads and vasefuls of colorful, seasonal blooms for gifting and display.

Though I’ve elevated my floral container gardening game the past few years, my strongest gardening suit remains fruits and vegetables.

So when I’m looking to bring the outdoors to my kitchen table or to bring a bouquet to a neighbor’s doorstep, I look no further than my herb garden for an edible bouquet. 

Mint, a fragrant, prolific (some would say too prolific) garden staple, is a lush and lovely green to collect into a bunch and tie with a ribbon or stick into a glass of water. But the herb garden has so much more to give than the broad, thick leaves of the mint plant.

Chives offer their long, slender shape to a bouquet to add interest—and, if you catch them at the right time, puffy pink flowers. Thyme and oregano can be tucked into an arrangement to highlight their small, delicate leaves along each stem. 

And if (when?) your herb pruning regimen gets away from you and your basil, cilantro, arugula or mustard greens go to flower, you can console yourself that the flavor of your herbs might change because of the bolt, but the colorful floral burst attracts pollinators in the garden and oohs and aahs in a vase. Edible flowers like pansies and nasturtiums are another extra bit of beauty to add to your bouquets.

Like with any cuttings, a clean clipper or pair of kitchen shears will keep your bouquet lush for longer. Put your stems into water as soon as possible, or wrap them in a damp towel if you are transporting them as a gift to a loved one, so they don’t wilt.

Enjoy your edible bouquet by pinching or snipping off pairs of leaves to add to cold drinks, salads or—with heartier herbs like thyme or oregano—roasted or grilled savory summer dishes. Or just marvel at the loveliness of your garden’s bounty as it decorates both your plates and your table this summer.

Have you ever made an edible bouquet?

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