Merry Christmas!

The Guideposts editor-in-chief wishes a Merry Christmas to our readers.

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It's Christmas and we really shouldn’t be sitting here staring at our computer screens, should we? Still, I want to say a quick Merry Christmas to everyone.

This time of year we get a lot of cards and prayers and even a few gifts sent to the GUIDEPOSTS offices from you wonderful folks. We don’t always get the chance to thank you individually for your kindness but I want you to know how touched and grateful we are. And not just for the greetings of the season but for your support throughout the year. 

Without you we wouldn’t have a GUIDEPOSTS magazine or a You are more than an audience, more than customers—you are our partners, participants in our success. For that we are incredibly grateful. 

Okay, it's time to eat. There's a big, fat capon roasting in the oven that needs some attention and I plan to provide it. What are you having? I’ll tell you one thing, no matter how good the food is, sitting down to the table with the people we love most is the greatest meal of all, one that feeds our souls.

Merry Christmas.

P.S. I meant to send thanks from Millie as well for all the cards and treats you’ve sent in to her. I’m attaching one of her favorite e-cards. Enjoy. 


Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of GUIDEPOSTS Publications.

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