Music to God’s Ears

God encourages us to praise Him with song, to sing with joy because He’s redeemed us and comforted us.

Posted in , May 25, 2016

The joy of children singing praise to God.

Is there anything more beautiful than the sound of children singing? I was reminded of that last night when we went to hear our oldest son preach. At the beginning of the service, many members of the congregation gathered in the choir loft, some of them taking their children with them.

The beautiful strains of the old hymn, At the Cross, drifted throughout the sanctuary. After a verse or so, the adult voices dropped off and all we could hear was the children singing—both in the choir and throughout the auditorium.

The sound of my grandchildren singing those precious words with great gusto moved me to tears. Such pure little hearts and voices. Such sincere worship. It had to be music to God’s ears as well.

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I suspect God must love the sound of people singing because of the numerous mentions He’s given it in His Word. He encourages us to praise Him with song. To sing with joy because He’s redeemed us and comforted us.

He tells of angels singing, and songs of thanksgiving, and implores us to sing of His righteousness, His lovingkindness, and His faithfulness.

He tells of songs in the night. Symbolic of those dark times in our lives. I remember so clearly being in the hospital after a serious car wreck. The doctors didn’t think I’d ever walk normally again. It was a scary time and the nights were long, lonely and painful. But then God sent those songs in the night as thoughts of ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus and Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace echoed in my heart. I sang softly so I wouldn’t disturb anyone, but I can’t tell you how much comfort those songs brought to me.

And God says that even the mountains and the hills shout out in joy to Him. Isn’t that cool? His creation is so in awe of Him that it can’t contain its joy. I love that.

David sang to King Saul to calm him. The Children of Israel sang when they brought their offerings before God and when they dedicated the wall of Jerusalem.

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And Paul sang in prison. Yes, in the middle of a dank cell. After being locked up unfairly. Can you imagine how the unusual sound of someone singing must have echoed through that prison? I love the line in Scripture that says “and the prisoners were listening.” I suspect the songs that were sung by Paul and Silas made a lasting impact on all who heard them.

And God can use the sounds of our praise to touch the hearts of others—even if we sing off-key.

Are you going through a hard time today? Sing and trust Him. Is life good? Sing and praise Him. I know it will be music to His ears.

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