Pink Tulips! Yellow Daffodils! Purple Pansies! And Forgiveness...

Why she enjoyed God's gifts of flowers blooming in the midst of December.

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Is it possible? Only four months ago, I was whining because my knees were aching and my back felt like I’d thrown it out…all because I had been planting bulbs. In December! Too late, I know, to hope they would flower in the spring, just a few months away.
Yet, a short awhile ago, as I as backing out my driveway, there they were—yellow daffodils, creamy jonquils, pink and purple tulip—incredibly cheerful, and impossibly…well, impossibly there…and blooming

What powerful reminders of God’s love, the spring blossoms were to me. Just in time, too. Just before the cold, dark, drab winter had managed to sink my spirits, the green shoots sprouted, and the blossoms burst out…exploding overnight, it seemed.

In spite of my planting them too late. In spite of the pain I had felt in my back and knees. In spite of my whining. In spite of my ignorance…not knowing what I was doing. Had I planted the bulbs too deep or too shallow? Was the ground too acidic or too alkaline? Was the location too shady or too sunny?  

In spite of all this…my ignorance, my pain, my whiny attitude…the flowers, God’s amazing gift, came to me not long ago, one chilly spring day, reminding me that God is capable of forgiving all, and somehow, powerful enough to make up for my imperfections…and to bring beauty through my flawed work.

In my writing, too, I am conscious of my flawed work, and just as conscious of God’s blessings in spite of my imperfections. It was just a little over a year ago, when I wrote my first piece for Grow Green with Me at

As I look back over my previous pieces, I inevitably see how I could have written better. Yet, God has blessed me—and I hope, you—as I’ve shared my journey with you, trying to contemplate, understand, appreciate, and protect the amazingly wondrous planet God has given us to live on. 

Next week, I will be knee-deep into my next writing project…a book called Win Back Your Health, and a new blog you will be able to access online. I hope to see you there! 

In the meantime, thank you for sharing my journey. Stay well. Take time to pause and enjoy God’s gifts: the fragrance of flowers, the brilliant colors of sunrises and sunsets, the breezes sighing in the tree boughs far above, the babbling of a stream. 


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